Do you feel like your belongings are taking control of your life?

Do you have a hard time letting things go?

Do you feel overwhelmed with how much stuff you have?


It may be time to let a professional step in and teach you methods of solving these issues in order to take control of your life and give you a sense of relief. 

We specialize in creating systems that work for you. No two people are the same; therefore, we learn who you are, what your needs are, what your struggles are, and then we create a method to get you on the right track. 


Individual Hours: $50

Dusting Off the Surface: 6 hours $275 (half hour free)

Scrubbing Hard: 12 hours $550 (1 hour free)

Polishing: 21 hours $950 (2 hours free)

Organizing Evaluation & Report Fee: 

$60 per hour

Includes an in-person visit and written recommendations on organizing techniques and specific resources and products to help you complete the project on your own.

Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing options as an additional way to work with us. Virtual Organizing allows you to receive organizing assistance without having a professional organizer come to your actual space. If you are too embarrassed to allow others in your home or office, if you live or work a far distance from us, or if you simply are a do-it-yourself type that needs access to an expert, this service is for you.


How Does Virtual Organizing Work?

  1. Email us an outline of your organizing obstacles and what you would like to improve
  2. Take photographs of your space (if applicable)
  3. Send photos via email
  4. Schedule time for a Strategy Session by telephone to discuss the space, set goals, and time frames
  5. Do your “homework” and make recommended changes
  6. Enjoy the benefits!


3 Options to Kick Start your Virtual Organizing Journey

  • Virtual Organizing Session = $60 (60 minute session by phone or video)
  • Extended Virtual Organizing Session = $90 (90 minute session by phone or video)
  • Half Day Virtual Organizing Session = $120 (3 hour session by phone or video)

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