D.I.G. is a transformative writing workshop for women created by Raquel Reyes. She approached Baiza Design with some things that inspire her. With her Native American heritage, she wanted to incorporate a wind-catcher into the design. After several rounds, we came up with a solution that was simplified yet engaging. We wish Raquel the best with her new business!



Koco Blaq

Koco Blaq formerly served as the fashion designer of the former group LMFAO and eventually Redfoo. Since establishing his own fashion line, Koco has exploded in the fashion world and has made countless outfits for high end celebrities. Koco is a Tonga native and his culture is very much who he is. Therefore, we made sure that his logo accurately portrayed this and that it was a timeless logo that could be used for the years to come along with his success.