The Design Professionals


Randy Baiza
President, Graphic Designer, UX/UI Designer, Interior Decorator, Home Organizer


Business Partnerships

Leah Robson

Content Marketing Consultant/Social Media Strategist

Rob McQueen
UX/UI Designer



The top three reasons I like working with Randy:
1. Beautiful, detailed work. Randy has a clean, crisp graphic style that’s perfect for my cosmetic lines’s aesthetic. 2. Patience. During the back and forth on a design, I never feel that Randy wants to ‘wrap this up’ too soon. I’m picky and Randy’s vibe is to take time and get it right. 3. A pleasure to work with. It’s always nice to work with someone nice ;-)
— Brett Freedman, CEO of Brett Freedman Beauty
I admired his ability to take direction and run with it. It helped tremendously that he could create his own path and was autonomous once he understood the design goals we had.
— Michael Paglione, Senior Product Manager at Mobilitie
Randy is an extremely talented artist, UX, and UI designer. His calmness under pressure, skills, and energy make him an individual I’d definitely want to work with again.
— Rob McQueen, UX/UI Designer at AktaryTech