Year: 2015

Services: User Experience & User Interface Design


Venmo Donate provides an opportunity for millennials to give to a charity of their choice with little effort.


Research has shown that millennials have a reputation of not donating to charities through social media platforms because they have not yet found the right tool which supports and encourages charitable giving.


As a collaborative movement, Baiza Design partnered with Aaron Barnes to find a solution for the said challenge. This also included exploring ways to subtly enhance the UI of the existing Venmo application.


Since the backbone of the application already existed, we didn't want to make to large of changes. We started with exploring user journeys through a technique called design studio. This allowed for us to combine our design thoughts and to refine to a near perfection. Next, we began our extensive research to see what the current trends of giving were. This helped to validity the content of the donation feature.


Without trying to invent the wheel to much as to not confuse existing customers, we subtly created a button to build out our new flow. The prototype was tested by users and iterated to perfection. This was also a great opportunity to discover new problems that we had not anticipated. 

One of the reasons people prefer us, and will prefer us in the future, is just the fact that we are social. You get more value out of sharing with friends.
— Iqram Magdon-Ismael, Venmo Co-Founder